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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Write a nice metro ui text editor for windows

I have been actively writing here on Degamber softwares for the past seven years. Ever since the initial days of blogging, I have been using the free Windows Live Writer from Microsoft to write articles and post them. Since Windows Live Writer is designed for bloggers, it offers all the features required for a blogger, and is easily the best writing software available for bloggers.  For the past three years, Microsoft has not really updated Windows Live Writer. Although there is nothing wrong with the current version of Windows Live Writer and is fully compatible with Windows 10 as well, the lack of updates has made me to think about a good text editor for Windows operating system.  There are tons of text editors out there for Windows but the core problem with majority of the popular text editors is that they work great for developers. It’s hard to find a good text editor intended specifically for blogging.Write also offers options to export documents in PDF and text (.txt) formats. Likewise, you can import .text, .rtf and other text files.  The current version of Write application doesn’t support cloud synching but the feature is expected in the final version. The Write 1.0 will also come with a dark theme for those who can’t stare at while background for hours.

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